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PIN Debit Processing

Advantages of PIN Debit Transactions

PIN Debit is an electronic payment method that allows cardholders to access funds from their bank account at the point of sale using a debit card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). For one, debit card transactions typically have considerably lower processing costs than credit cards. With credit cards, you must pay a certain percentage as well as a transaction fee.  PIN Debit transactions, however, require a much smaller fee depending on the network the debit card is associated with.  These transactions often average less than a dollar (for the entire transaction) as opposed to paying a percentage for a credit card transaction. 

There are two types of debit transactions:

  1. PIN Based - where the customer inputs their pin number with a PIN Pad
  2. Signature Based Debit - where customer signs the receipt and doesn’t use their PIN number

Using PIN Based Debit as an advantage in your day-to-day business can increase your bottom line when doing Face-to-Face (Card Present) transactions.

In addition to reduced payment processing fees, PIN debit transactions are authorized at the time of sale, which reduces the risk of fraud. Debit transactions are also not subject to chargeback or downgrade fees. All in all, accepting pin debit cards is significantly safer and more cost-effective on larger dollar transactions.

What do I need to start accepting PIN-based Debit transactions? Contact us and we will set you up with the proper account and equipment. Take a look at our PIN Pad equipment selection here.  A knowledgeable Sun State rep will advise you on how to properly use this to your advantage and begin saving money Today!